Our chapter fiscal year is January 1 - December 31. We request dues payments every January and accept payments throughout the year.  Besides supporting our administrative costs and philanthropic commitments (for example, gifts to the Theta Foundation and local charities), as a paid chapter member you will receive reduced pricing throughout the year at most of our chapter events, including Founders Day.

We offer three levels of chapter membership. Please support the chapter at any level that works for you:
$56 Black & Gold
$76 Twin Stars
$101 High Flying Kites

Fraternity Life Loyal Members qualify for reduced pricing (by $31) at each level.  Read more under FAQs below.


Membership Levels for Life Loyal Members

Membership Levels for Non-Life Loyals

To avoid the PayPal service charge, you may mail your check, made payable to Kappa Alpha Theta, to: Caryn Frick, 720 Ponus Ridge Road, New Canaan, CT 06840. 


How do Chapter and Fraternity dues work?

When you pay annual dues to our chapter, a portion ($31.00) is automatically forwarded to the Fraternity to cover your annual Fraternity dues payment. The rest stays with our chapter.

What is the Fraternity Life Loyal Program?

When you join the Fraternity's Life Loyal program, your annual Fraternity dues payment is waived going forward, therefore you may reduce your chapter dues payment at any level by $31.00. Join Life Loyal today, and immediately pay the reduced chapter rate. The Fraternity dues provide support for collegians and alumnae across the US and Canada, underwrites Convention expenses for chapter delegates and entitles members to four issues of the Kappa Alpha Theta Magazine.

As a Fraternity Life Loyal Member, what are my reduced chapter dues levels?

Your chapter dues will reflect a $31 discount at each level:

$25 Black & Gold
$45 Twin Stars
$70 High Flying Kites 

If I join Life Loyal today, will I immediately qualify for reduced chapter dues?

Yes! First, join Life Loyal, then use our chapter dues button above and choose from the Life Loyal dues options.

If I pay my chapter dues today, will I immediately qualify for members-only events pricing?

Yes! Pay your chapter dues using PayPal, or by mailing your check as directed above, then choose member-only pricing when registering for events.

I'm not sure about my Fraternity Life Loyal status, or my current chapter membership status.  How can I verify?

Email us and we will let you know.