As part of the Sisters Supporting Sisters Program, Kappa Alpha Theta is proud to announce its online screening program for mental and emotional health. The program contains information about mood, anxiety, alcohol, and eating disorders and is made available to all Theta members for free through the generous support of Theta Foundation. It is provided so that you may find out, in just a few minutes, whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you. The screening is completely anonymous and your IP address will not be recorded.

Just as many of us go to the doctor for an annual physical check-up, it is also important to “check-up” on your mental health. Mental Health Awareness Week is an opportunity for all of us to take a moment and do so. The screening consists of a brief series of questions, that when linked together, can give you an idea of whether you might need professional help. Mental health screening allows individuals to identify warning signs early and connect with the appropriate treatment resources. Early recognition and treatment offers the best opportunity for recovery.

The only information that can be collected and reported is aggregate in nature and pertains to general information regarding the number of screenings that take place, the results of screenings, and general demographic information. There is no information collected that identifies you as an individual. Therefore, Kappa Alpha Theta will not be able to view your results. However, you may print out the results and bring them to your campus counseling or health center for a referral to a professional specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of a specific disorder.

Three separate links are available, one for alumnae, one for collegians and one for the general public. Thank you in advance for using the correct link (see below). If you would like to use the general public link for any of your non-Theta friends or family, please feel free.

Online Mental Health Screening Link for Alumnae

Online Mental Health Screening Link for Collegians

Online Mental Health Screening for General Public

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