I have news about a Theta sister, whom should I contact?

Our Recording Secretary sends notes to Theta or Theta families for births, deaths, illnesses, concerns and celebrations. To contact our President.

I'm not receiving any mail or emails about Fairfield Theta events, what should I do?

We probably need to update your name or contact information. Please send your current email address and mailing address to the VP Membership. We will also make sure your information is up-to-date with the Fraternity.

I have some "vintage" photos from the Chapter's history, how can I share these with the Chapter?

We love photos! Please contact and we will scan your photos for our archives and return them to you.  

I'm not sure whether I have paid national dues, local dues, both, or neither, or how long I am paid through.  I don't know if I have joined the Life Loyal program, help!

All of these questions can be answered by contacting our VP Membership. We will be happy to verify your status and explain the options.
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