The Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation is a charitable and educational tax-exempt organization, separate and independent from the Fraternity. Created by Thetas, for Thetas, the Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation is dedicated to raising money for scholarships, educational and leadership grants, and financial hardship grants for Kappa Alpha Theta members to achieve their personal and professional dreams.

Every year, our chapter is required to make a donation to the Foundation from our philanthropic budget.  This is funded by member dues.  

Alumnae can also make direct individual donations to the Foundation (one time or recurring) which are tax deductable (member dues are not).  And, donors can request a "soft credit" to our chapter, which means that your individual donation will also be counted towards our chapter's year-end donation total.  It's a win-win-win scenario!

Click here to donate online.  Please put "soft credit to the Fairfield County, CT Alumnae Chapter" in the Notes field.   If you would like to donate by mail or phone, click here for instructions.

If you have any questions about soft credits, please contact us!

FAQ's about "Soft Credit" Donations

Will my soft-credited donation still be listed in my name when donor lists are published?

Yes.  Individual donors (making the hard credit donation with a request to soft credit the chapter) will be listed by name in appropriate Foundation donor lists.

How does the Chapter benefit from any increase in total donation level due to soft credits?

Two ways.  First, our chapter is required to make a yearly donation to the Foundation (which we are happy to do) as part of our charter. Supplementing our chapter giving level through soft credits allows us to then re-allocate some of our philanthropic budget to other worthy causes, such as our local CASA affiliate (Child Advocates of CT), and providing financial support to our designated college chapter, the Eta chapter at Yale University.  Second,  our chapter giving level is one of the criteria considered for Grand Convention awards, and we love awards!

Are my Foundation donations automatically soft credited to my local alumnae chapter?

No.  You need to request in the "notes" field when making the donation, or send a note along with your mailed-in check.  You will need to do this with each new donation.

Will the Chapter be notified of my soft credit donation?

Yes.  The soft credits will be recorded in our chapter’s giving record.

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