Past Presidents

Our chapter has enjoyed a legacy of strong and effective leadership over the years.  Many continue to be active members and officers to this day!  Thanks to all for their loyal service.

Sas Frank Smith, 1970-72
Barbara Ford Gillett, 1972-74
Phyllis Gilbert Smith, 1974-76
Linda Millspaugh Aysseh, 1976-78
Karen Hanson Cameron, 1978-80
Judy Bechtel Soto, 1980-82
Beth Bransley Hammett, 1982-84
Dianne Font Scherer, 1984-86
Jeanne Morgan Lane, 1986-88
Sharyl Rabe Swanson, 1988-90
Christina Schendel Walker, 1990-91
Janet Beckstrand Akers, 1991-92
Betty Gaston Snellings, 1992-94
Diane Detwiler Lynn, 1994-96
Marjorie Ratcliffe Calvert, 1996-98
Katherine Brother Allen, 1998-00
Kyle Leverett Wilcox, 2000-02
Tracy Ruebelman Byl, 2002-04
Cathy Davis Lynch, 2004-06
Marjorie Ratcliff Calvert, 2006-08
Caroll Baker Yanicelli, 2006-08
Linda Ihle Lewis, 2008-10
Susan Williams Azzarito, 2010-12
Helen Kronberger Sparks, 2012-2014
Jennie Six Reul 2014-16

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